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Development Tools and Data

Here are the open source tools and freely-available data used in this project.
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Apache HTTP Server
Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 Documentation
Apache Reverse Proxy Guide
What is it and How to Configure Reverse Proxy
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Apache Tomcat
Apache Tomcat 9 Documentation
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Debian Linux
News - Debian 10
Debian Documentation Site
Linux 'man' Pages
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Debian Live Build
An abrupt End to Debian Live - that was 2015, but it's hanging on!
Live Systems Manual
Debian Live Project
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GDAL Home Page
Software Using GDAL
GPKG – GeoPackage vector
Cheat sheet for GDAL/OGR command-line geodata tools
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GeoServer Home Page
GeoServer 2.18.0 Released
State of GeoServer 2.18 - PRESENTATION
GeoServer Feature Frenzy 2019 - PRESENTATION
GeoServer (latest stable) User Manual
Java Considerations
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OpenJDK 11
Breaking Old Jars
Java Version History
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Leo's Home Page
Leo's Documentation Page
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Let's Encrypt
Transport Layer Security
Free, Automated, and Open Certificate Authority
Certbot Instructions for Apache on Debian 10
Is the Free SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt Safe?
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MDN Web Docs
The Mozilla Developer Network
Web Technologies
HTTP Response Status Codes
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
Proxy Servers and Tunneling
AJAX: Getting Started
Javascript Reference
Firefox Developer Tools
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Domain Registration
Dynamic DNS
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Open Geospatial Consortium
OGC® Standards and Supporting Documents
Web Feature Service
Web Map Service
Communicating with a WFS service in a web browser
GeoPackage Encoding Standard
Getting Started With GeoPackage
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OmniDB Home Page
Writing SQL Queries
Information and Support
How to use OmniDB behind a Proxy Web Server with Apache 2.4
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OpenLayers Home Page
Latest API Doc
v5.3.0 API Doc
v5.3.0 Examples
Tutorial on Bundling
The OL Package
OpenLayers + Webpack
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Welcome to OpenStreetMap!
The OpenStreetMap Community
The OpenStreetMap Foundation
Standard tile layer/Key
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OS Mapping
"We’re using the Open Government Licence..."
Open Government Licence
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On GitHub
Man Page
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PostGIS Feature List
On Wikipedia
Online Documentation
PostGIS 2.5 Manual
PostGIS and Why we Like it
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About PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL 11 Documentation
SELECT, TABLE, WITH -- retrieve rows from a table or view
Tuning Your PostgreSQL Server
Using Postgres with Latin1 (ISO8859-1) and Unicode (utf-8) character sets
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psqlODBC Downloads
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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python!
Python 2.7 Documentation
Python 3.7 Documentation
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QGIS Home Page
Features of QGIS
QGIS Documentation Page
QGIS Installers
How to Install QGIS 3.81 on Debian 10 Buster
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REST (a sort of holy grail of web services)
On Wikipedia
Roy Fielding's Dissertation
REST API Tutorial
Learn REST: A Tutorial
restSQL Overview - does not support Java 11
Serve a RESTful API from any Postgres Database
Clean URLs
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On Wikipedia
rsync Home Page
rsync Documentation
What does f+++++++++ mean in rsync logs?
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ISO 9660 Rock Ridge Filesystem Manipulator
Detailed Manual
Emulation of ISO 9660 program mkisofs
Emulation of CD/DVD/BD program cdrecord
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